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With the advent of increased use and demand for GSM mobile communications complitmented by the netcolt valuable training for individuals and corporate clients who want to be part of the dynamicallyt evolving communication sector. We at netcolt are bring you our clients the opportunity to join and earn a living from the most sort after trainin.

The following are the specific course we offer:

mobile phone repair and service centre
inassociation with our pathner in asia we offer his course to facilitate the provision of quality
service center for the millions of gsm handsets in use in nigeria and the west african region.

this training offers delegates opportunity to equip themselves with KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS and TOOLS to work full-time in running your own business with possibilities of earning regular income in the industry.

mobile phone repair
this an introduction course with the necessary knowledge and tools to become a mobilephone repair technician.

voice over ip
the ultimate in telecommunication the world over; voip is the facility
that enables the use
of your broadband connection to make calls sometimes FREE to your family and freinds anywhere in the world at rates seriously below the standard charged by your pstn provider.